In Memory


By Year Deceased Alphabetically Mill Friend Photo


Bill Case (A-Mechanic-Days) (Class Of 2002)  
Lowell Cloninger (General Manager) (Class Of 1982)  
Ralph Espinoza (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 2007)  
Trudy Evenson (Nurse) (Class Of 2008)  
Betz Kaufman (Accounting) (Class Of 1990)  
Gene Wingo (A -Mechanic) (Class Of 1996)  
Gary Wining (A-Rate Mechanic -Hydraulics) (Class Of 2002)  

Wanda Broeker (Engineering Secretary) (Class Of 1998)  
Gary Crouch (Guard -Truck Control) (Class Of 2007)  
Warren (Bud) Danforth (Power Boiler) (Class Of 1984)  
Malcolm Deschamps (Kamyr Cook) (Class Of 2010)  
Dennis Elliott (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 2002)  
Allan Evans (A-Rate Mechanic /Stores) (Class Of 1999)  
Bob Fristo (Class Of 2010)  
Dave Hangas (A-Mechanic -Pipefitter) (Class Of 2003)  
Larry Kaphammer (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 2005)  
George Looker (Machine Tender -No. 3 Paper Machine) (Class Of 1998)  
Jim Nordberg (Occ Plant Operator) (Class Of 2001)  
Bill Richardson (Maintenance Manager) (Class Of 1987)  
Jim Russell (Production) (Class Of 1995)  
Jim Sayler (Class Of 1992)  
Adrien Vincent (Paper Mill Foreman) (Class Of 1992)  

Dee Archibald (Machine Tender No. 3 Paper Machine) (Class Of 2009)  
Lavern Barnes (Class Of 1999)  
Jenifer Brown (Maintenance Planner) (Class Of 2010)  
Gary Edwards (Maintenance Supervisor) (Class Of 1990)  
Charles Murland "Murl" Fairbank (Class Of 1998)  
Frank Gordon (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 1989)  
Del Graves (Paper Mill Supervisor) (Class Of 1991)  
Brent Hawkey (Assistant Paper Mill Superintendent) (Class Of 2010)  
Mitch Hines (Pulp Mill Relief) (Class Of 2010)  
Jack Jurgens (Class Of 1990)  
Frank Kernreich (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 1998)  
Glen Knopp (Pulp Mill Supervisor) (Class Of 2003)  
Danny Lee (Millwright -A-Mechanic) (Class Of 1996)  
Bill Lockwood (Maintenance) (Class Of 2005)  
Bonnie Mendenhall (Class Of 2010)  
Cleo Schroeder (Maintenance Superintendent) (Class Of 1990)  
Kerry Shourds (Class Of 1974)  
Dick Tag (A-Mechanic -Instrumentation) (Class Of 2006)  
George Troxel (Maintenance Superintendent Mechanical) (Class Of 1993)  
Bill Wilmerton (A -Mechanic Electrician) (Class Of 2000)  

Mert Armstrong (A-Mechanic -Pipefitter) (Class Of 1975)  
Lewis Ball (A-Mechanic -Instrumentation) (Class Of 2002)  
Maridell Bandy (Occ Warehouse) (Class Of 2010)  
Marty Belcourt (A -Mechanic) (Class Of 2005)  
Roy Countryman (General Manager) (Class Of 1976)  
Andrew DePuydt (Shift Tester) (Class Of 2010)  
Rosemary Deschamps (Nurse) (Class Of 1972)  
Ed Flink (Class Of 1974)  
Al Heare (Maintenance Foreman) (Class Of 1980)  
Dave Hill (Sixth Hand No. 3 Paper Machine) (Class Of 2010)  
Ellis Houseman (Chip Tester) (Class Of 1976)  
Don Kost (A -Mechanic) (Class Of 1996)  
Ken Krout (Production) (Class Of 2000)  
Harvey Millhouse (#4 Recovery Boiler Fireman) (Class Of 1990)  
Bill Nagy (Paper Mill Superintendent) (Class Of 2001)  
Bob Pipinich (A -Mechanic -Instrument Mechanic) (Class Of 1998)  
Rita Sharbono (Reception & Accounting) (Class Of 1990)  
Pat Valladao (Class Of 2008)  
Charles Verschoot (2 Pm -Backtender) (Class Of 1969)  
Doug White (Papermaker) (Class Of 2010)  

William "Pudge" R. Blaskovich (A-Mechanic -#3 Pm Roll Grinder) (Class Of 1996)  
John Chaussee (Waste Fuel Panel) (Class Of 2010)  
Kevin Edwards (Class Of 2010)  
Milt Edwards (A-Mechanic -Millwright) (Class Of 1982)  
Bob Gendrow (A-Mechanic -Shift Millwright) (Class Of 2007)  
Lynda Johnson Woirhaye (Class Of 1983)  
Rich Lawler (No. 1 Pm -4th Hand) (Class Of 1973)  
Dennis McGee (Class Of 2001)  
Dick Murphy (A-Mechanic Building Maint) (Class Of 1997)  
Denny Nault (Pulp Mill) (Class Of 2004)  
Stan Pearce (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 1991)  
Ken Perkins (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 2008)  
Henry Pfaff (Shipping) (Class Of 1997)  
Raymond Schmidt (Pulp Mill Shift Supervisor) (Class Of 1986)  
Ken Toner (Papermaker) (Class Of 2002)  
Danny Valladao (Chip Dock) (Class Of 2009)  
Jim Wilson (Wood Procurement) (Class Of 1990)  

Kurt Brubaker (Clean-Up -Days) (Class Of 2005)  
Jack Byrne (A-Mechanic -Oiler) (Class Of 1997)  
Jim Cherry (Project Engineer) (Class Of 1990)  
Richard Cline (Chip Dock Operator) (Class Of 2010)  
Herman Effenberger (Champion Intl -Corporate) (Class Of 1981)  
Doug Gibbs (A-Mechanic -Days) (Class Of 2010)  
Tammy Gore (Paper) (Class Of 1984)  
Ray Goudette (A -Mechanic) (Class Of 2005)  
Jerry Hall (Shift Mechanic) (Class Of 1980)  
Sid La Tray (Paper Mill Operations Supervisor) (Class Of 2010)  
Blaine Lovell (Class Of 2008)  
Everett Nelson (Class Of 1992)  
Bob Pelkey (Papermaker) (Class Of 1998)  
Jack Peterson (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 1999)  
Bob Sallee (Pulp Mill Superintendent) (Class Of 1968)  
Bill Schwaderer (Machine Tender -No. 3 Paper Machine) (Class Of 2003)  
Mike Sorenson (Log Handler) (Class Of 2010)  
Larry Warren (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 2001)  
Joe Woods (A-Mechanic -Electrician) (Class Of 2004)  

Gail Allen (Kamyr Cook 1) (Class Of 1994)  
George Allen (Chip Systems Utility) (Class Of 2010)  
Gene Ball (A-Mechanic -Oiler) (Class Of 2004)  
Del Cumley (Production Manager) (Class Of 1982)  
John Dobie (Foreman) (Class Of 1982)  
George Franks (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 1999)  
Fred Hager (Purchasing) (Class Of 1999)  
Harry Hansen (Class Of 1982)  
Ray Hoff (Kamyr Cook) (Class Of 1982)  
Cliff Kahler (#5 Recovery Field Fireman) (Class Of 1997)  
Dick Kulawinski (Analytical Chemist -Water) (Class Of 1990)  
John Lehman (Pipefitter) (Class Of 1985)  
Denny Ryan (A-Mechanic -Electrican) (Class Of 2008)  
Ralph Sanchelli (Class Of 1998)  
Arlen Thompson (Task Force Foreman) (Class Of 1993)  
Mervin "Whitey" White (Papermaker) (Class Of 2000)  

Jerry Dreyer (Senior Loader) (Class Of 2010)  
Pauline Garner (Executive Secretary) (Class Of 1999)  
Randy Hanson (A -Mechanic Millwright) (Class Of 2001)  
Helene LaCASSE (Nurse) (Class Of 1980)  
Bill McCormick (Class Of 1998)  
Jim Mulkey (Backtender No. 3 Paper Machine) (Class Of 2003)  
Jr Nordhus (A-Mechanic -Days) (Class Of 2010)  
Mitch Parenteau (A-Mechanic -Electrician) (Class Of 2003)  
Tobias Wanner (Waste Fuel Panel Operator) (Class Of 2002)  

Bud Ahlin (Chip Dock Supervisor) (Class Of 1992)  
Phil Catalano (A -Mechanic -Millwright) (Class Of 1999)  
Pat Colyer (Recovery) (Class Of 1996)  
Bob Dame (Dp & Property Accounting Supervisor) (Class Of 1982)  
Peter Effenberger (Chip Dock Operator) (Class Of 2010)  
Donald Erdmann (A-Mechanic -Electrician) (Class Of 1998)  
Dave Gierke (Project Engineer) (Class Of 2010)  
Lance Heivilin (Summer Student) (Class Of 1992)  
Bud Hilton (A -Mechanic) (Class Of 1998)  
Dick Hughes (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 2006)  
Rip Johnson (Machine Tender) (Class Of 1993)  
Earl Lalonde (Engineering) (Class Of 1978)  
Scott Manley (Paper) (Class Of 2009)  
Jack Marks (A -Mechanic) (Class Of 1998)  
Richard McMEEKIN (Chemist) (Class Of 1962)  
John Morris (Paper/Log Handler) (Class Of 2010)  
Tom O'Connor (Maintenance Engineer) (Class Of 2002)  
Jim Parker (Paper Mill Supervisor) (Class Of 2004)  
Gerald "Rocky" Rockwood (Backtender) (Class Of 2002)  
Clarence Rotering (Papermaker) (Class Of 1999)  
Jerry Silver (A-Mechanic -Electrician) (Class Of 2007)  
Donald Swanson (Electrical Engineer) (Class Of 1998)  

Don Ballard (A-Mechanic -Millwright -Paper) (Class Of 1997)  
George Chaussee (Field Fireman -#4 Recovery) (Class Of 1988)  
Gary Flaget (Guard) (Class Of 2008)  
Pete Fritz (A-Mechanic Pipefitter) (Class Of 1982)  
Marvin Jette (Recovery Supervisor) (Class Of 2008)  
Joe Job (A-Mechanic -Oiler) (Class Of 1994)  
Jim Lamb (A -Mechanic) (Class Of 2004)  
Dave Larsen (Chip Dock) (Class Of 2008)  
Cecil Madsen (Storeroom Delivery) (Class Of 1993)  
Dennis Persicke (A-Mechanic -Days) (Class Of 2010)  
Thomas Riesenbeck (Paper) (Class Of 1999)  
Bill Rose (Security) (Class Of 1988)  
David Rose (Class Of 1985)  
Baldomario Sanchez (Backtender) (Class Of 2003)  
Greg Seeley (A-Mechanic -Days) (Class Of 2010)  
Mark Sherrill (A-Mechanic -Millwright) (Class Of 2010)  
Elvin "Smitty" Smith (A-Mechanic -Electrician) (Class Of 1979)  
Ken Tritz (A-Mechanic -Shift) (Class Of 2010)  

Art Angelstad (Assistant Paper Mill Superintendent) (Class Of 1990)  
Don Armstrong (Machine Tender No. 3 Paper Machine) (Class Of 2009)  
Tom Dunton (Tall Oil & Liquor Utility) (Class Of 2003)  
Bob Edwards (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 1997)  
Jim Hensel (Recovery) (Class Of 2007)  
Howard Higgins (Pulp Mill Assistant Superintendent) (Class Of 1989)  
Bill McNeal (Recovery Supervisor) (Class Of 1983)  

Paul Clifford (Pulp) (Class Of 1994)  
Jim Doerfler (Maintenance Manager) (Class Of 1989)  
Stan Green (Chip Analyst) (Class Of 2008)  

Mike Anderson (Spare Hand -Paper) (Class Of 2007)  
Harkie Hartwell (A -Mechanic -Millwright) (Class Of 2005)  
Gloria James (Maintenance Scheduler) (Class Of 1986)  
Jerry Nordhus (Chip Dock) (Class Of 1999)  
Ron Petet (Class Of 1998)  

Kirk Benish (A -Mechanic -Instrumentation) (Class Of 2006)  
Fred Lucier (Power Boiler Operator) (Class Of 1994)  
Shirley Opie (Human Resources Assistant) (Class Of 1993)  
Winnie Osburnsen (Administrative Assistant Production) (Class Of 1990)  
Walter Shriner (Asst. Power & Rec Supt) (Class Of 1977)  
Clarence "Sonny" White (Kiln Operator) (Class Of 1991)  

Bill Courser (Assistant Pulp Mill Superintendent) (Class Of 1986)  
Larry Jones (Maintenance Supervisor) (Class Of 1999)  
Bob Woomer (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 2005)  

Randall "Josh" Cogdill (Kamyr Cook) (Class Of 2002)  
Bev Esterbrook (Chip Dock) (Class Of 1999)  
Robert May (Water Tender) (Class Of 2004)  
Basil Trollope (A -Mechanic) (Class Of 1996)  

Bill Ray (Storeroom Supervisor) (Class Of 1990)  

Bud Hegel (Maintenance) (Class Of 1986)  

Wayne Garner (Paper) (Class Of 1995)  
Stan Pavlick (Manager Maintenance And Engineering) (Class Of 1987)  

Alfred "Al" Mistrick, Jr. (Janitor) (Class Of 1997)  
Tim Smith (Paper Maker) (Class Of 2000)  
Rod Thorning (Kamyr Operator) (Class Of 1991)  

Dewey (Gerald) Campbell (Maintenance Supervisor) (Class Of 1989)  
Jack Cheatham (Recovery Assistant Superintendent) (Class Of 1998)  
Betty Klevgard (Purchasing Agent) (Class Of 1993)  
Otto Smith (Turbine Evaps Operator) (Class Of 1979)  
Dale Woodward (Safety Director) (Class Of 1997)  

Dorothy Edwards (Accounting) (Class Of 1991)  

Doris Mann (Accounting Specialist) (Class Of 1992)  

Martin Frelinger (Superintent Power & Rec) (Class Of 1980)  
Dick Johnson (Maintenance) (Class Of 1987)  

Clifton Dean Champ (Recaust) (Class Of 1993)  

Bill Goldsberry (Occ) (Class Of 1992)  

Larry LaCASSE (Recovery) (Class Of 1991)  

Jerry Bartels (Paper Mill Superintendent) (Class Of 1990)  
Joe D Turner (A-Mechanic Rolling Stock) (Class Of 1982)  

Eugene Seitz (Guard & Traffic Control) (Class Of 1987)  
Gary Seymour (Paper Mill Supervisor) (Class Of 1989)  

Kenny Neu (Maintenance) (Class Of 1990)  
Dan Reynolds (A-Mechanic) (Class Of 1984)  

Will Haley (Recaust) (Class Of 1984)  
Larry Holt (Maintenance) (Class Of 1995)  
Jim Larson (A-Mechanic -Millwright -Recovery) (Class Of 1993)
Pat Nelson (Maintenance Instrumentation Supervisor) (Class Of 1990)
Nick Patch (Kamyr) (Class Of 1990)  
Bill Trollope (Recaust) (Class Of 1982)  

B. J. Lefler (B. J. 's Metalworks) (Class Of 2005)  
Wayne Toulouse (Missoula Cartage) (Class Of 2007)  

Frank Tabish (Great Western Petroleum) (Class Of 2010)  

Gary Freese (Iron Worker) (Class Of 1999)  
Roy Rasmussen (Industrial Services) (Class Of 2005)  

Al Duval (U. S. Bearings & Drives) (Class Of 2010)  

Ken Schilling (Dresser-Roots) (Class Of 2010)  

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