--> Picnic - Second Survey

Eighty people responded to the survey asking about interest in getting together. 

The results are:

65 answered Yes, Yes depending upon the time and date

15 answered No, Live too far away, or other considerations

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1)   * Are you interested in meeting at the Highlander Beer pavilion? https://www.highlanderbeer.com/pavilion 200 INTERNATIONAL DR, MISSOULA, MT 59808 This is open air with seating. They serve food from their menu. The cost to rent the pavilion of $300/day. The pavilion is available to rent Sunday, Sept 22 - Thurs, Sept 26

Yes No
2)   * Would you be interested in meeting at a location such as the Press Box Sports Bar, or similar place with indoor space, and a menu? https://www.pressboxsportsbarmt.com/ 835 East Broadway, Missoula, MT 59802 Don't know their availability.

Yes No
3)   * Are you interested in organizing this gathering?

If not interested, just enter No
4)   * Do you have a suggested place that 50 - 100 people could meet?

Do you have a connection and are you willing to make the arrangements?