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Frenchtown Pulp and Paper Mill
1956 - 2010

Hello you all,

Thanks everyone who replied to the Survey about an All-Mill Reunion.  

Unfortunately, this just doesn't seem to be the time.  The fire season is off to an early start and given the concern of smoke and fire concerns, we are going to try to look for opportunities later in the fall or winter, or even spring.

Thank you, Ron and Ritter for offering your property for us to meet up.  It was generous of you.



Ron Ritter and others have been talking about an all-Mill reunion this fall.  Ron has offered their place in Arlee which has lots of space outside to accommodate possible COVID restrictions.  They have 15 acres available for anyone wanting to camp on-site with tents or camp trailers.  Although, there would not be hookups available, i.e. water, electricity, or sewer.

The 3rd or 4th weekend in September, beginning on a Friday afternoon and wrapping up late afternoon, early evening Sunday is being considered.  People could drop by any time that works or camp over the weekend.  Saturday evening a BBQ or group picnic may be planned.

They are trying to find out if there is interest in gathering in September.

Please spread the word to anyone you are in contact with who doesn’t use this website.

Please take the survey so they can determine if there is interest!


Click on the word Profiles on the left hand side of this web page.  Scroll down until you find your name and then click on your name.

=> The link below will take you on a fly-over the Frenchtown Mill site in the winter of 2013.

=> The 900T Chip Kamyr digester vessel stood as an unmistakable landmark on the skyline in the Frenchtown Valley since 1966.  It was visible from atop Mount Sentinel on a clear day.  The Chip Kamyr vessel was fallen November 7, 2012. 

Thank you Mitch Hines (R.I.P.) and Steve Richards for sharing them with us.




Bob Job (2005)  8/20

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