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Happy Veterans Day

The first list is our friends who passed before us, and in thanks for their service to our country. 

                  Gone but not forgotten.  Rest in Peace, dear Friends.

  Gail Allen U.S. Navy - WWII
  George Allen U.S. Marine Corps
  Guy Andersen U.S. Army
  Dee Archibald U.S. Army
  Darrell Arnold U.S. Army
  Gene Ball U.S. Army
  Lewis Ball U.S. Army Engineers
  Don Ballard U.S. Navy
  Duane Bettger . U.S. Navy
  William "Pudge" R. Blaskovich  U.S. Army
  Bill Case U.S. Navy
  Phil Catalano U.S. Army
  George Chaussee U.S. Army
  John Chaussee U.S. Army
  Randall "Josh" Cogdill U.S. Army
  Roy Countryman U.S. Army
  Bill Courser U.S. Marine Corps
  Will Crews U.S. Army
  Del Cumley U.S. Army Air Corps
  Warren (Bud) Danforth U.S. Marine Corps
  Malcolm Deschamps U.S. Army
  John Dobie U.S. Army
  Jerry Dreyer U.S. Navy
  Tom Dunton U.S. Air Force
  Kevin Edwards U.S. Air Force
  Milt Edwards U.S. Marine Corps
  Dennis Elliott U.S. Air Force
  Donald Erdmann U.S. Army
  Charles Murland "Murl" Fairbank U.S. Army National Guard
  Ed Flink U.S. Army
  George Franks U.S. Army
  Martin Frelinger U.S. Navy
  Pete Fritz U.S. Army
  Bob Gendrow U.S. Marine Corps - Vietnam
  Doug Gibbs U.S. Army
  Frank Gordon U.S. Navy
  Ray Goudette U.S. Air Force
  Jerome Gregory National Guard
  Bryon Grenfell U.S. Navy
  Fred Hager U.S. Army
  Larry Halder U.S. Army
  Jerry Hall U.S. Navy
  Harry Hansen U.S. Navy
  Bud Hegel  U.S. Navy
  Jim Hensel  U.S. Navy
  Howard Higgins U.S. Navy
  Bud Hilton U.S. Air Force
  Ellis Houseman National Guard
  Dick Hughes U.S. Marine Corps
  Joe Job Korean War
  Dick Johnson U.S. Army
  Rip Johnson U.S. Army
  Larry Jone U.S. Navy
  Jack Jurgens U.S. Army
  Cliff Kahler U.S. Navy
  Glen Knopp  U.S. Air Force
  Don Kost  U.S. Army National Guard
  Ken Krout U.S. Army
  Dick Kulawinski  U.S. Army
  Sid La Tray U.S. Navy, 1958 to 1961
  Larry LaCasse   U.S. Army, 1974 to 1977
  Jim Lamb  U.S. Navy
  Rich Lawler U.S. Air Force
  John Lehman U.S. Navy
  Bill Lockwood National Guard
  Fred Lucier U.S. Air Force
  Cecil Madsen U.S. Army
  Jack Marks U.S. Army
  Larry Matten U.S. Navy
  Robert May U.S. Navy
  Bill McCormick U.S. Navy
  Richard McMeekin U.S. Army
  Bill McNeal U.S. Navy
  Ernie Millhouse U.S. Army
  Harvey Millhouse U.S. Army
  Jim Mulkey U.S. Navy
  Dick Murphy U.S. Air Force
  Denny Nault  U.S. Marine Corps
  Everett Nelson U.S. Army
  Jerry Nordhus . U.S. Air Force
  JR Nordhus U.S. Marine Corps
  Vernon Ockert U.S. Navy - WWII
  Larry W. Paulsen U.S. Army - Korean War
  Stan Pavlick U.S. Marine Corps - Korean War
  Stan Pearce U.K. Royal Marines
  Bob Pelkey U.S. Army
  Charlie Peppard  U.S. Navy
  Jack Peterson U.S. Army
  Ron Petet U.S. Air Force
  Henry Pfaff U.S. Army
  Bob Pipinich U.S. Air Force
  Bill Richardson U.S. Army
  Thomas Riesenbeck U.S. Army
  Bill Rose U.S. Army
  Clarence Rotering U.S. Marine Corps
  Jim Russell U.S. Air Force
  Denny Ryan U.S. Navy
  Ralph Sanchelli U.S. Army National Guard
  Baldomario Sanchez U.S. Army
  Raymond Schmidt  U.S. Navy
  Cleo Schroeder U.S. Army
  Bill Schwaderer  U.S. Navy
  Eugene Seitz U.S. Marine Corps
  Walter Shriner U.S. Army
  Jerry Silver U.S. Army
  Elvin "Smitty" Smith  Coast Guard
  Mike Sorenson U.S. Army & Montana U.S. Army National Guard
  Donald Swanson U.S. Air Force
  Arlen Thompson U.S. Air Force
  Rod Thorning U.S. Navy
  Ken Toner  U.S. Air Force
  Ken Tritz  U.S. Army
  George Troxel U.S. Merchant Marine 1944-'45 ; U.S. Army  1950-'53 
  Joe D Turner U.S. Army Air Corps
  Charles Verschoot U.S. Navy
  Tobias Wanner U.S. Air Force
  Clarence "Sonny" White U.S. Army
  Doug White U.S. Army
  Mervin "Whitey" White U.S. Air Force
  Bill Wilmerton  U.S. Air Force 4 years
  Jim Wilson U.S. Navy
  Gene Wingo  U.S. Air Force & National Guard
  Gary Wining U.S. Army
  Joe Woods Army National Guard
  Bob Woomer U.S. Army: Bronze Star and Purple Heart with an Oak Leaf

Our friends, our Veterans.  With love and appreciation for your service and sacrifice.

  Thomas Adams  U.S. Navy
  Russ Anderson U.S. Army - Vietnam
  Keith Barrows  U.S. Navy Submarine Service
  Kenneth Berry U.S. Army
  Bill Blaskovich U.S. Marine Corps & U.S. Navy Seabees
  Randy Block U.S. Navy Seabees
  Bob Boschee Montana Army National Guard
  Marvin "Brew" Brewin Montana Army National Guard
  Bob Brunson U.S. Navy
  Victor Bungart  U.S. Navy
  Mike Clyde U.S. Air Force
  Dennis Conley U.S. Navy
  Gerry Connell U.S. Navy
  Ron Cook  U.S. Marine Corps
  Scott Corbitt U.S. Navy
  Dana Cotnoir U.S. Navy
  Howard Cotton U.S. Navy
  Dennis Cranston U.S. Army
  Russell Dietz U.S. Navy
  Jim Dobak U.S. Army, 101st Airborne
  Gary Edgar U.S. Army
  Brian Edwards U.S. Navy Seabees
  Bill Ellen U.S. Marine Corps
  Ken Ellis U.S. Air Force
  Carl Farnsworth U.S. U.S. Navy
  Duane Felstet Reserve Officer Training Corps
  Lyle Ferguson U.S. Army
  Pete Firkins U.S. Army
  Bill Freuler U.S. Army
  Dwayne Garner U.S. Army
  Jim Harrison U.S. Air Force
  Pat Heimark U.S. Army ,1956-1959
  Wayne Henneck U.S. Army National Guard
  Ron Hines U.S. Air Force
  Jay Howard  U.S. Marines
  Red Jakober U.S. Air Force
  Don Jensen  U. S. U.S. Army
  Frank Jensen  U.S. Air Force
  Frank Jensen Jr. U.S. Air Force
  Jerry Johnson U.S. Army National Guard
  Allen Lacasse U.S. Army
  Court Lee U.S. Army
  Allen Legreid U.S. Marine Corps
  Don Lewis U.S. Army
  Kim Liles U.S. Marine Corps
  Robert Lussier U.S. Navy
  Ron Marcum U.S. Air Force
  Dave Mascazine U.S. Marine Corps
  William Maxey U.S. Army
  Anna Maze  U.S.Coast Guard
  Ernie McCollum Montana Army National Guard
  Jimmie McKay U.S. Army
  Doug McLean U.S. Navy
  Tim Metivier U.S. Army
  John Minish U.S. Air Force 1965-1969
  Jim Murray U.S. Army
  Don Nagy U.S. Navy 1959 - 1963
  Leon Nance U.S. Navy
  Barry Naylor U.S. Army 1969 - 1971
  Marc Olson Montana Army National Guard
  Bill O'Neill U.S. Army
  Chris Opsahl  U.S. Navy
  Dan Orr  U.S. Army
  Dave Overbaugh U.S. Navy
  Phil Parsneau U.S. Army
  John Pearson U.S. Army National Guard
  Mike Peterson U.S. Marine Corps
  Russell Peterson U.S. Navy, U.S. Army
  Scott Pierce U.S. Army
  Ray Powell U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division
  James Pratt U.S. Army
  Tim Rasmussen U.S. Army
  Dick Reynolds U.S. Army 19th Special Forces Group "Green Berets"
  Steve Richards U.S. Navy
  Jim Richardson U.S. Army
  Kenny Richardson U.S. Army
  Bob Rime U.S. Marine Corps
  Ron Ritter U.S. Navy
  Garth Rives U.S. Coast Guard
  Steve Ronning U.S. Navy 1964 - 1967
  Jeff Runyan U.S. Army Air Assault
  Bob Salo National Guard
  Bob Sanchelli U.S. Air Force
  Lon Schroeder U.S. Air Force
  Gary Schwarz U.S. Navy
  Alan Selway U.S. Navy
  Jack Selway  
  Kurt Shipley U.S. Navy
  Loren Shriner U.S. Navy
  Joe Simone U.S. Marine Corps
  Roger Skaja  
  Marvin Smith U.S. Army
  Roger M Smith U.S. Air Force
  Mark Snead U.S. Army
  Frank Stanley U.S. Navy
  Bob Starr U.S. Air Force
  Tim Steigers U.S. Army Reserve
  Andrew Stenberg U.S. Army
  Dave Stevens  U.S. Coast Guard
  Red Tillotson U.S. Army
  Ron Tonasket U.S. Navy
  Lee Trautman U.S. Army
  Tom Tucker U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Dept. of the Treasury
  Joe Turner  U.S. Air Force
  Rich Varner U.S. Navy
  Bill Vetaly U.S. Army
  John Washburn U.S. Air Force
  Butch Welch U.S. Marine Corps

And to who those who worked tirelessly to help us continue to see the Frenchtown mill was successful to the end, our friends, contractors, suppliers, and Veterans, thank you...

  Mike Coulter U.S. Navy  
  Scott Crumpacker U.S. Marine Corps  
  Craig Dupree U.S. Army - Airborne Infantry  
  Korey Haffner United States Coast Guard  
  Ron Hamilton U.S. Air Force  
  John Moyer National Guard  
  Scott Stephens U.S. Marine Corps  
  Gary Freese U.S. Air Force  
  Roy Rasmussen U.S. Air Force  
  Ken Schilling U.S. Navy  



Click on the word Profiles on the left hand side of this web page.  Scroll down until you find your name and then click on your name.

=> The link below will take you on a fly-over the Frenchtown Mill site in the winter of 2013.

=> The 900T Chip Kamyr digester vessel stood as an unmistakable landmark on the skyline in the Frenchtown Valley since 1966.  It was visible from atop Mount Sentinel on a clear day.  The Chip Kamyr vessel was fallen November 7, 2012. 

Thank you Mitch Hines and Steve Richards for sharing them with us.




John Pearson (2010)  11/28
Dean Miller (2010)  12/15

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