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Messages from Lisa Mc - Web-site coordinator


Click on the word Profiles on the left hand side of this web page.  Scroll down until you find your name and then click on your name. 


By joining the site, your co-workers from the mill can send you a message by E-mail.  Your E-mail address is not revealed to the person sending you a message (or anyone else), but their E-mail address is displayed to you when you recieve the message.  So basically, this a way of allowing your friends from the mill to make contact with you and visa versa. 


  Please send Lisa a message with correct year by "Clicking on" Contact Us on the left-hand side of the web page.  I apologize and will correct it as soon as possible.


Log into the web-site.  Under MEMBER FUNCTIONS  "Click on" Edit Contact Info.  On the line titled "Married Last Name:" type in your last job at the mill or the department or if you do not want a position name displayed just leave that field empty.

=> The link below will take you on a fly-over the Frenchtown Mill site in the winter of 2013.

=> No. 4 and No. 5 Recovery Boiler buildings were imploded in early January 2013 as part of the mill slavage operation. KPAX still has several photos at news station's web-site. 

=> The 900T Chip Kamyr digester vessel stood as an unmistakable landmark on the skyline in the Frenchtown Valley since 1966.  It was visible from atop Mount Sentinel on a clear day.  The Chip Kamyr vessel was fallen November 7, 2012. 

Thank you Mitch Hines and Steve Richards for sharing them with us.




Mert Leese (2005)  3/5

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